From the Editorial Board

The main purpose of the journal:

  • to help and facilitate national, international and interdisciplinary scientific communication, as well as to strengthen the links between scientists around the world;
  • dissemination of information about research on modern pedagogical approaches, means and methods of maintaining and/or strengthening health, creating a favorable and comfortable health-protective environment for education, training and communication throughout a person's life.

The journal publishes original and review articles in the following areas:

  • Formation of a culture of health of various groups of people.
  • Teaching a healthy lifestyle.
  • Technologies for saving health.
  • Safety of the pedagogical process.
  • Ideas and views of Famous Teachers in the development of a health-preserving component of education and upbringing.
  • Folk traditions of upbringing a healthy person.

Pedagogical systems have in their structure such an important element as the health of a particular person or society as a whole. The effectiveness of such systems will largely depend on the characteristics of this element. In the pedagogical systems and views of Famous Teachers (as well as philosophers, thinkers and scientists) of different generations, care for a person's health can be traced throughout his/her life. Particular attention is paid to the levels of impact of the applied approaches, means and methods on the health of children, adolescents and youth. In this aspect, the slogan “do no harm” remains relevant today. This is especially important to take into account in the programs of education and upbringing of children and youth in the family, school, university. Some of these programs are related to preparation for future extreme activities. A good prerequisite for health promotion is sports and exercise throughout a person's life. In this case, the pedagogical component is more important than ever at the stages of preliminary basic preparation for various types of activities for people of any age. In this aspect, the journal can join the efforts of researchers in deciding complex problems Pedagogy of Health.

There are new technological decisions in different areas of knowledge, which attempt, in its adaptation, to solve the problems of Pedagogy of Health, and were the reason for careful studies both the positive and negative influence on the human organism. In this aspect journal concentrates on the decisions of most interesting and topical projects, thesis, conference and seminars. Such a position gives an opportunity for the acquaintance of most progressive technologies of physical training and education, new directions for the development of science about health and healthy lifestyle, health physical culture and exercise therapy. Special importance have been researched, that are directed to the rising of the quality of a life of children, teenagers, students, middle-aged and elderly people on the basement Pedagogy of Health. We genuinely hope that the journal will contribute to the development of theory and practice Pedagogy of Health, and strengthen interdisciplinary connection.